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Licensed Clinical Therapist

July 28, 2021

Change a life, every single day.  The Kentucky United Methodist Children’s Homes (KyUMH) is seeking passionate, mission driven individuals interested in life-changing work. Our goal is to help our clients find healing and build a brighter future through professional therapeutic interventions. We believe every child is a person of worth, entitled to God’s gift of wholeness of life.

Are you a person with a passion to care for youth, encourage hope and advance their healing?  If you say “Yes,” we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about joining our team of mission driven women and men providing direct care services and supervision for youth to ensure their healing in our Residential Treatment and Independent Living programs.

We embrace the philosophy of the Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni and seeks staff who embody these characteristics of Humble, Hungry and Smart.

KyUMH will provide you with . . .

·       Full pay while you train and learn about our youth counseling (advocacy, care) programs

·       Employee Assistance Program

·       Affordable benefits for full time – health, dental, vision, vacation, retirement and more

·       A regular schedule that will help you plan your life and meet your needs

·       Opportunities in the greater Lexington or Owensboro area for gaining and expanding your professional skills.

KyUMH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

KyUMH is committed to maintaining a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Positions Available:
Lexington or Nicholasville, Kentucky
$42,000.00 to $45,000.00/annually
40-50 hours/week
Primary Shift:
Reports to:
Clinical Director
Summary of function:

The Clinical Therapist provides assessment, evaluation, and clinical counseling services for young adults from the age of 17-21 years with substance use and emotional/behavioral disorders in an independent living setting. Clinical Therapists provide supervision and care under the directives of an individualized comprehensive treatment plan/service plan in compliance with all applicable directives, including but not limited to all current and thereafter amended federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations required under this position. Clinical Therapists are also required to meet agency and regulatory bodies’ policies regarding documentation, best practice standards, and continuing education standards.

Organizational Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Supports the mission and vision of The Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children and Youth as evidenced by compliance with all organizational policies and procedures.

2. Supports all functions that attain and maintain accreditation and compliance with regulatory agencies.

3. Supports and facilitates positive interaction with others as evidenced by: professional maturity, respect for others, a team-centered approach, maintenance of confidential information, and an appreciation of a multicultural workplace.

4. Exhibits effective communication skills including proper use of agency communication systems.

5. Participates in appropriate professional development programs to attain and maintain professional expertise and licensure.

Supervisory Duties:

1. Encourage innovation, creativity, and goal setting.

2. Promotes team building and teamwork.

3. Provides on-the-job training for new employees in conjunction with the Youth Services Coordinator, Case Manager, Medical Coordinator/Nurse, other assigned Youth Care Workers, and ILP Clinical Director, and aids in the completion of new employee’s orientation packet.

4. Orients new Practicum/Intern students to agency mission, values, and particular job responsibilities in conjunction with ILP Clinical Director.

Job Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Therapists will uphold and advance the values, ethics, knowledge, and mission of their profession /discipline while promoting the highest standards of practice.

2. Completes clinical documentation of treatment services and record keeping per policy and regulations on time and as assigned by the ILP Clinical Director.

a. Completion of documentation of all clinical interventions including but not limited to weekly sessions, monthly narrative and progress reports.  

b. Assessment which will include but not be limited to: initial assessment within 24 hours of admission and a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment at 21 days.  This includes assessment of any risk of harm to self or others as well as ongoing assessment to determine any change in client needs.

c. Diagnosis of behavioral health disorders as identified by standard diagnostic criteria in the DSM V.  

d. Development and preparation of individualized treatment plans with multidisciplinary service providers to prescribe treatment interventions, modality and frequency  

3. Therapist will provide established number of billable therapeutic hours weekly. These billable hours can be obtained through individual therapy, family therapy when appropriate and group therapy, and additional service codes as approved by clinical director.

4. Provide active discharge planning in conjunction with ILP Targeted Case Management to include but not be limited to, providing treatment recommendations and referrals to other levels of care.        

5. Demonstrates competent and professional writing skills in assessments, reports, treatment plans, progress notes, and communications to outside agencies.

6. Apprises ILP Clinical Director of all significant incidents with young adults in their care, individual progress, changes in discharge plans, and any problems in providing required services to these children.

7. Provide ILP Clinical Director with updates on timeliness of required documentation and case reviews per individual caseloads.

8. As part  of the treatment team, therapist will initiate actions to change client’s behavior in accordance with the client’s age, developmental stage and diagnoses by:

a. Immediately informing Youth Services Coordinator and Youth Care Workers of the client’s significant issues upon entering the program.

b. Use of a Therapeutic Individualized Comprehensive Treatment Plan with clear objectives and measurable goals.

c. Provide guidance and direction on treatment approaches to Youth Services Coordinators and Youth Care Workers.

d. Conduct regular educational training seminars/workshops for agency staff and colleagues on pertinent topics.  

9. Provide treatment of mental health disorders in clients with individual, group, and family therapy services as determined by client needs and agency policy.  This will include assessment and intervention for clients in crisis as a component of their clinical duties.

10. Maintain professional expertise, licensure or certification by:

a. Ensuring appropriate and timely renew of licensure or certification

b. Attending professional meetings, workshops, and seminars to enhance and maintain therapeutic skills.

c. Routinely reviewing professional literature and keeping current with emerging knowledge relevant to working with Severely Emotionally Disturbed adolescents.

11. Rotate On-Call Duty with colleagues, remaining physically available to respond to crises as dictated by agency policy.

12. Provides liaison services between The Methodist Home and other persons, agencies, and schools involved with the resident as dictated by policy, regulations, and best practice standards.

13. Manage each client’s case from admission to discharge, including aftercare, per policy, accreditation requirements and best practice standards.

14. Therapist will collaborate with clients and providers with regards to psychiatric medication management.

15. All other duties as assigned by supervisor.

On-Call Responsibilities:

1. Remain physically available to respond to crises as dictated by agency policy.

2. Announce to all programs you are on-duty.

3. Be available to all programs to answer questions and address staff concerns. Make certain that staff is following correct procedures.  

4. Be available by phone after hours; be no more than one hour from campus at any point during on-call.

5. Ensure that staff completes Incident Reports as required.

6. Notify ILP Clinical Director according to procedure.

Desired Skills:

Therapists will exhibit skill in the following:

1.) Therapists will exhibit skill in assessment as necessary to develop a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment/history that includes issues that are a focus of treatment.  

2.) Therapists will exhibit knowledge of DSM V diagnostic criteria and the use of the multi-axial system utilized for the purpose of identifying behavioral health issues in youth in this setting.  

3.) Therapists will exhibit skill in treatment planning that is focused on client strengths and needs as identified in the assessment process with the client. Treatment planning will define goals and objectives that are individualized to client needs with updates to reflect any change in treatment focus.  

4.) Therapists will exhibit skill in delivery of treatment services that reflect needs of client as determined through assessment and treatment planning.

5.) Mentors treatment team members to develop/maintain effective skills necessary to respond to traumatized clients and support a trauma informed care system.

Job Specifications:

1. Must be at least 21 years of age.

2. Must have a valid Kentucky driver’s license.

3. Prior experience in mental health treatment or residential care for children.

4. Must have a Master’s degree from an accredited university in Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Counseling, Social Work or related field

5. Licensed as or eligible for licensure in KY as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Fee-based Pastoral Counselor, Psychologist, Psychological Associate. Those candidates without independent licensure (LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, Ph.D, Psychological Associate with Autonomous Functioning) must be eligible to work toward independent licensure and meet the eligibility guidelines of their respective regulating boards.  Examples of eligibility include persons licensed as a Certified Social Worker (CSW), Licensed Professional Counseling Associate (LPCA), etc.  The candidate must possess knowledge of the specific requirements of his/her licensing body including supervision requirements. Clinical therapists are required to access supervision as required by their individual licensing boards (in KY).  Individuals may inquire about supervision that could be available in-house, but the individual is responsible for securing supervision if that is not available within the agency.  

6. Successful completion of a thorough background check.

7. Is trained in CPR and First Aid.  Remains current.

How to Apply:

Fill out the application at kyumh.org/application. Please also send your letter of interest and resume via email to our Human Resources department

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