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Caleb, Kara and Emelia


Caleb and Kara Roberts had always been open to the idea of adoption, but they never could have imagined what their adoption experience would be like. After several years of infertility and a couple miscarriages, Kara shares, “we felt like God was telling us adoption was our next step to having an earth side baby.” Caleb and Kara turned to us for guidance.

People like you supported Caleb and Kara through their journey into parenthood. Your support equipped KyUMH staff to conduct home studies and walk with them through the complex adoption process.

Kara and Caleb expressed that the support they was “the reason we got through this whole process with such ease.”  

Caleb and Kara got to meet their daughter much sooner than they expected. They received the news that their daughter would be arriving prematurely. Emelia was born prematurely at just 25 weeks. She weighed just over a pound and was small enough to fit in Caleb’s hand. Although they were worried for their new daughter, Kara says “seeing the answers to all our prayers was such an amazing feeling.”

“I got to see God form my child, right in front of my eyes!” Kara says.

Kara traveled from Kentucky to Florida to be with her for the three month NICU stay. Traveling back and forth was a challenge, but Caleb and Kara recognized the extra time they had been given with Emelia was a blessing.

Kara and Caleb were amazed by the experiences they had during Emelia’s time in the NICU. "I got to see God form my child, right in front of my eyes!" Kara says.

Being there to hold Emelia, giving Emelia her first bottle, and watching her take her first breath without oxygen tubes was a “once in a lifetime experience,” Kara says. "It was such a great bonding experience for us."

Thank you for helping Emelia find her forever family!

The Mary Kendall Adoption Program was founded in 1989 and has since helped place over 600 children in families.