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Raise your voice for Kentucky children

Kentucky ranks #1 in the nation for rates of child abuse and neglect. Without a significant increase in financial support, we will allow abuse and neglect to cycle its way through Kentucky’s future generations.

Please join us in making sure our legislators know this urgent need. Kentucky’s state social workers and children’s homes need significant resources to continue serving vulnerable youth. There is a historic budget surplus and unspent federal aid that can be allocated to caring for Kentucky's foster care system. It will take many of us raising our voices to our representatives to make this happen.

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If you want to raise your voice with us, sign up for action alerts via e-mail. These messages will include easy ways to get in touch with your representative and specific requests to share with them. We cannot predict how many messages we will send throughout the session, but we will only communicate when your help is urgently needed.


Use the following links and articles to help with your advocacy! We will update this page with more information as the session progresses.

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A social worker's perspective