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Meet Amanda, KyUMH Case Manager

Community Based Services

Amanda is building amazing resources to help families across western Kentucky. She provides everyday items (socks, t-shirts, coats, peanut butter and spaghetti) and parenting coaching. This is just one part of KyUMH’s statewide initiative to meet families with early-intervention care to prevent abuse and neglect.

Amanda is one of several Case Managers at KyUMH. In her own words, she is “a helper” to families in need. Families are referred to KyUMH by local schools, court systems, or state child protective services because of a number of needs such as housing, food insecurity, or medical or dental care. Inflation and the impact of the pandemic means many families are struggling. Many of Amanda’s clients are simultaneously referred to counseling with a KyUMH therapist.

Once a family has been connected to us, Amanda fills the gaps with whatever they need from her clothing and food pantry, all of which are donated by people like you. She helps them connect with a health care provider or other community organizations.

For one family, Amanda’s support has been critical. A 13-year-old started counseling with KyUMH for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, and his therapist connected him with Amanda for additional support. Since then, Amanda has worked alongside his family, school, and social worker in order to determine the best care for him. She sends frequent communication, advocating on his behalf and coaching his family through challenges with his behavior.  The client’s mother told us, “We are beyond grateful to have Amanda. When we were at the end of our rope, she gave us hope that things could get better. Every day we push to make that possible! We would not have gotten this far without Amanda’s help.”

Amanda’s goal is to work herself out of a job and see families empowered to use the supports she has shown them.  “Sometimes families are struggling and they do not have a strong support system,” Amanda says.
“Having one person who you feel like cares about you and your family can be a total game changer.”