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Meet Isabella


When did you know you wanted to adopt?

"My husband and I were hopeful and excited when we decided to adopt our first child and complete our family. We loved each other so dearly and after years of infertility knew that adoption was God's plan for us all along. We got in contact with Jeannie in the summer of 2017."

How did you meet Isabella?

"We used a private agency to help us match with a birth mother and used Mary Kendall for our home study. It was a long process and we had good days and bad but we never lost our faith that God had a child in His heart for us. Just shy of 18 months after starting our home study, we were matched with a mother that had given birth to a baby girl the day before and decided to place her for adoption. She chose us and my husband and I were ecstatic! We had gone through presenting our profile to so many birth mothers and not been chosen that our hopes had become deflated... Hearing the news that our baby girl was already in this world and we would be holding her in our arms in four days was so exciting and a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a great support system that came together so that we had the essentials our child would need for us to get her home. Holding Isabella for the first time had us both in awe; she was the perfect baby and she was ours."

We are celebrating with Ashley and Kirk as Isabella's adoption was finalized in December of 2019!