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Meet Mason

Community Based Services

Mason now sees a new future for himself thanks to support from KyUMH.

When we met him, Mason (an alias) needed a second chance. He had gotten in trouble and was placed in juvenile detention. Thanks to our Home Monitoring program, Mason returned home to live with his mother and twin sister.

We provided a case manager, Ron, who called him daily and visited him weekly to assess and help meet the needs of the family. Our Home Monitoring program provides these case managers in 108 counties of the Commonwealth.

Ron and Mason’s relationship grew over time. “Mason was a very quiet young man,” Ron says, “and he was a very intent listener.” Ron became a constant presence in his life to give him accountability and support.

“It was always a joy to come visit with him, as we would sit on the front porch to talk,” Ron says. They spoke frequently about how Mason could help around the house, his options for future education, his job at a local pizza restaurant, and his future.

With Ron’s help, Mason started to take responsibility for himself and his role in his family. He began helping with household chores including cleaning, laundry, cooking, and mowing the lawn.

Mason also learned to take initiative at his job. When Mason’s hours were reduced, Ron challenged him to show his manager that he was willing to work hard.

Mason’s efforts were rewarded with more work hours. “He learned to ask questions and stand up for himself professionally as a result,” Ron says.

Mason has a lot more confidence now. He now sees a new life for himself thanks to support from KyUMH. Instead of staying in juvenile detention, he’s with his family and researching how to become a real estate agent. He has a bright future ahead of him!

Mason's mother was grateful for our help, and said to Ron, “Thank you for being involved with my son and encouraging him.”

*"Mason" is a pseudonym. All photos used are representative.