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Meet Oliver


When did you know you wanted to adopt?

"I lost a baby 22 years ago, and about 10 years after that I had a friend who asked me 'Well why don't you adopt?' There are plenty of children that people don't want...I knew I was meant to be a mother."

How did you hear about Oliver and what was your reaction?

"I met Oliver's birth mom when I was working at the Wendell Foster Center. When she heard my story, she told me she and her husband wanted to give me a baby. I was shocked!"

How did you connect with the Mary Kendall Adoption Program?

"Mary Kendall was just the way God led me when I prayed... Jeannie met with me, and I knew when I met her that was the way I was supposed to go... God sent us Jeannie and Mary Kendall!!"

What is life with Oliver like?

"The process took less than a year for us. Oliver brought so many blessings in my life I can not count them all...He still sees his birth family...Not only did I get Oliver, I got more family! Oliver is the greatest adventure of my entire life. I love seeing this little boy pulling my folded clothes out of the laundry basket...Oliver is one happy child. He is a social butterfly. He loves church and the choir. He is all about adventure... Oliver was my dream! God gets all the glory."