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The Atwells


Breanna always knew she wanted to be a mother. The Kentucky United Methodist Children’s Homes’ adoption program helped her make her dreams reality.

Just before we met Breanna and her husband Alan, Breanna was praying and received a message from God. “It was as if he was sitting across from me saying, ‘Breanna, I am going to give you a son,’” she says.

God’s promise came just at the right time. Breanna and Alan had been on a long journey to bring a child into their family. Breanna was unable to become pregnant because of a medical diagnosis, and a failed journey with a surrogate had left them heartbroken. They turned to adoption and found KyUMH’s Mary Kendall Adoption Program.

Our Adoption Program walks with adoptive families to guide them through the lengthy, complicated legal process of adoption. Our staff provide support to families during the waiting period, rejoice with them at placement and offer guidance through the first few months/years of placement. Breanna says, “Alan and I would have been so lost without KyUMH!”

Within six months of receiving her promise from God, Breanna and Alan welcomed their first son. “As soon as he was placed in my arms, I knew the journey of heartache had led me to this little one,” Breanna says.

Two years later, Breanna and Alan came back to our program to adopt another son.  “I would experience the heartache ten times over just to have these precious boys,” Breanna says. “Loving them and watching them grow is something I will forever be grateful for. I thank God for our boys’ birth parents and the sacrifices they made for our family.”