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Does the Conference Own KyUMH?

Melinda Ryles-Smith, Vice President for Development
January 24, 2023

A current resident recently reflected on his experience with us and told our staff, "this is the best place I've ever lived." It's thanks to our supporters that we can create a safe, compassionate environment for our youth!

For many of our supporters who come from the United Methodist Church, I’m writing today to address “the elephant in the room”: the option of disaffiliation, and what disaffiliation means for your relationship to the Kentucky United Methodist Children's Homes. So first, let’s answer:  

Does the Kentucky Annual Conference own KyUMH?

No, KyUMH is an independent nonprofit. Because of this, KyUMH does not receive nor contribute to apportioned funds.  

This means any church from any denomination can support our ministry. In addition to United Methodist congregations, we have received support from Baptist, Christian, and Christian & Missionary Alliance churches, as well as other types of Methodist Churches.

As you and your church moves through the discernment process, no matter where you land, I want you to know we value you and want to stay connected with you.

Since our founding in 1871, faithful people like you have answered the call for youth in need through two world wars, two pandemics, economic crises, and so many other challenges. This kind of support is unheard of at other children's agencies. It's an honor to be in ministry with you.

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